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Project Deliverables and Data

D2 List of Milestones 

D3 Webpages and Facebook 

D4 Conference Presentations 

D5 Four articles in engineering or academic literature submitted 

D6 Stakeholder meeting minutes **

D7 Information day for the public 

D8 Presentation of Business Plan ** 

D9 Educational video for the dissemination of results and offshore mariculture 

D10 Development of an environmental assessment model for ecosystem and oceanographic modelling for site selection

D11 Identification of sites with less sensitive/important/rare habitats where the impact of the aquaculture at the environment can be minimized

D12 Identification of sites where aquaculture will not affect the activities of other established users of the coastal zone

D13 Identification of AZAs and AMAs and estimation of their carrying capacity

D14 Social and environmental impact description of optimal sites for aquaculture development

D15 Proposal for allocated Zones for open sea (offshore) aquaculture.


D17 Onsite exploration of essential variables

D18 Summary of the current market for open sea aquaculture subsystems and analysis of best value for money

D19 Provide best practice guidelines for improved fish performance, quality, health and welfare

D20 Specify biological, technological and managerial challenges for the monitoring of offshore aquaculture

D21 Provide best practice guidelines for environmental monitoring of offshore aquaculture

D22 IT system for storing environmental parameters and creation of aquaculture monitoring

parameters  database **

D23 Targeted finfish economic characteristics

D24 Operations/ mooring scenarios economic characteristics

D25 Market Structure

D26 Legal/ regulatory framework and existing financial incentives

D27 Risk analysis

D28 Economic Analysis and Business Plan **

** Deliverable is available on demand.

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