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Consulting with industry

Communication officer


Consulting industry for a sustainable offshore aquaculture


During the past month OS Aqua partners started a consultation series with local aquaculture producers. Until now an initial round of consultation has been completed. The aim of the series is dual. Firstly, the partners of OS AQUA gain an industrial insight to the current challenges and the current statues of the industry. The second is for the local producers to have an update of the progress of the project and evaluate the proposals for an offshore aquaculture. In the meetings fruitful discussions developed about possible locations, cage designs and automations for open sea aquaculture. In addition, the concerns of the produced were noted regarding financial, operational and other issues related to the further offshore operation of the industry. All local producers are keen to the project results and offers their assistance for helping OS AQUA to achieve its future goals for a sustainable offshore aquaculture!!

Finally, the OS AQUA team thanks Levantina Fish Farm and Blue Island for their valuable cooperation!!!

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